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The Internet seems to define coders as computer nerds who implement algorithms involving complex logic and mathematical equations, in an alien language to facilitate specified computing operations and functionality. Granted, people can code in such a way,
True coding skill is when you can write mystifying instructions to the machine which can be easily read and understood by humans also.

If you think about it, writing good code is equivalent to writing a good story.
For starters, name your variables properly. You won’t name the characters in your story as ssdddsor sfddfd right? :P

Also, Exasperating farrago of profound and…

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In this age of Digital Transformation, Information Extraction is one of the key areas of Business interest, where we need to extract relevant information from unstructured data sources like scanned invoices, bills, etc into structured data, using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Here, the primary steps we are dependent on are Optical Character Recognition and Document Layout Analysis.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is for detecting the text from the image, and Document Layout Analysis(DLA) is where we try to get additional metadata from the documents like identifying headers, paragraphs, lines, words, tables, key-value pairs, etc.

In this article, we…

1. Introduction

When you are working for an internal project or a college project, file handling is not something you have to worry about, most of the focus can be given to the algorithm development part. But when you’re working in a real-world project where the data complexity can vary from nothing to infinity, proper file structure handling, writing clean and modularised code is just as important as the algorithm. The need for defensive coding is imperative. It should handle the exceptions, the multiform of inputs and the code should not break in any condition. …


Yes! Malayalis have found a new overrated trip destination after Manali. The movie Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi(English: Blue Sky, Green Sea, Red Earth) not only saved Royal enfield, by increasing its sale like 100 fold in Kerala, It also gave us a cabalistic destination.

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The three of us, old hostel mates of College of Engineering Trivandrum, started the journey from 3 different cities - Bangalore, Calicut and Gurgaon and met at Guwahati, Assam. We rented 2 Royal Enfield Himalayan from Guwahati and embarked upon a venturesome journey comprising of exhilarating rides, tent stays, camp fires, partying with the villagers, Thupkas

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